Xavier University is offering three unique opportunities for students in the summer of 2018. Two groups of 10 students will spend two weeks in Ireland touring the country to come to understand and appreciate the natural history, literature, economy, and the sources of historical identity for the Irish.  
  Unlike most programs where students are housed in dorms and take classes in traditional classrooms, students will travel much of the island and stay at castles, hotels, and bed and breakfasts. We will visit Kilkenny Castle, Galway, Dublin, Ballycotton, the Rock of Cashel, Kilmainham Jail, Athassel Priory, Connemara, the Swiss Cottage, Cahir Castle, and many others.  
  Students will discuss with local experts a variety of topics from thatching, to dance, to music, to local history. Students will explore diverse ecosystems, attend plays, and interact with a variety of people and places to come to know Ireland. Accommodations for students include stays at B&B's as well as one week at Bansha Castle.
  June 1 - June 15, 2018 - Itinerary
SOCI 270 - Dr. Timothy White
BIOL 114-5 Dr. George Farnsworth
  July 11 - July 25, 2018 - Itinerary
SOCI 270 - Dr. Timothy White
ENG 205/375- Dr. Graley Herren
SOCI 270 - Irish Historical Sociology
(Every session includes this course)
This is a course on Irish Historical Sociology and fulfills the university social science requirement. Dr. White’s course analyzes the waves of human migration that have come to Ireland over the past 10,000 years and how each wave of migration has contributed to contemporary Irish identity.
BIOL 114-5 - Biodiversity and Conservation in Ireland
(June 1- June 15)
This course fulfills a science requirement and explores Irish biodiversity first-hand by visiting a variety of natural habitats including coastlines, river estuaries, midland farm, and the Burren. The course also addresses current Irish conservation issues and their implications for Ireland's diverse ecosystems.
ENGL 205/375 - Literature and the Arts of Ireland
(July 11- July 25)
This course integrates Irish writers and plays as part of the course and fulfills the university Literature requirement or the core Lit & the Moral Imagination requirement. It includes a visit to the National Gallery in Dublin, the Galway Arts Festival, and at least one live play performance. This course emphasizes the important works of William Butler Yeats.


The fees for this program include 6 credit hours of Xavier tuition and all costs in Ireland. All food, accommodation, local travel, and admission costs are covered. The total cost of the program is $4495. The fees do not include airfare.

  DrWhite   Dr. George Farnsworth          
  Dr. Timothy White
Dept. of
Political Science
  Dr. George Farnsworth
Dept. of Biology
  Dr. Graley Herren              
  Dr. Graley Herren
Dept. of English


All students must submit an application. Space is limited and airline tickets must be purchased in advance, so it is best to apply early.

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